The Diesel Particle Filter Removal service is a cost effective way to get rid of your DPF headache.

What is a DPF: The Diesel Particle Filter is a device incorporated into the exhaust system that is designed to reduce or get rid of the soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.

As with any filter, eventually they get full and block up. The filter needs to be efficient to allow exhaust gasses to flow freely to prevent a loss in engine performance. To cure this the car has a regeneration program.

The cleaning process can be Active or Passive. The vehicles Engine Ecu controls the Active regeneration program or cleaning process.

Active: The filter is monitored by the engine Ecu and when it is 45-50% full, small changes to the injection duration and timing are made. This raises the exhaust temperature which in turn burns off the soot particles.

Passive: When the vehicle is either used on the freeway or is driven at high revs, the exhaust reaches high temperatures which automatically burns off the soot particles.

When Problems Arise:

If by no fault of your own, the filter does not regenerate efficiently then the soot builds up more and more. This could be because of stop start driving or short journeys. When the filter becomes 75% blocked and Engine management warning light or DTC light comes on and no amount of driving at speed will clear the filter out.It bring me car and I will give you solution for this problem.

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